We empower your Green Hydrogen Production with data insights
By creating a complete end-to-end data solution for monitoring, analytics and optimization of green hydrogen production plants, we make sustainable solutions more competitive. Understand your power flows, improve the economy of operations and serve your end customers with the data insights they need - made possible by Hydragonix cloud solution for hydrogen.
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Monitoring & Analytics
Hydragonix provides a modern user interface for monitoring any hydrogen production facility with ease. Our cloud-based approach allows for Real-Time Monitoring of equipment status and health, not just on premise. We ensure safety and robustness in your data flow by using the latest encrypted standards for industrial data communication.

Data from all connected devices are also aggregated into a Key Performance Index (KPI) Dashboard, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of your hydrogen value chain.

Availability, Maintenance and Safety overviews are also provided for the operator to work efficiently with service routines and respond faster to unforeseen events.
Screen showing Hydragonix Dashboard Screen showing Hydragonix Dashboard Screen showing Hydragonix Dashboard
Instant data service for end customers
The Hydragonix app helps the customers of hydrogen refueling stations to quickly view the availability of their favorite stations. Vehicle fleet operators and driver get valuable insights from the app which help them in their daily operations and planning. As a private customer you can easily find your nearest stations, view waiting times and get better insights fueling your zero emission car. Our app is directly connected to the Hydragonix Cloud, making sure that users always get real-time updates on the connected hydrogen stations.The app is freely available to the public. By creating an account, users can get additional features and vehicle specific information straight in the app.We make hydrogen easy - for drivers, operators and station owners.
Mobile phone showing Hydragonix AppMobile phone showing Hydragonix App
We help operators of hydrogen plants to lower costs by optimizing operations with our proprietary algorithms. Our solution aggregates the best know-how of the entire hydrogen value chain to increase profitability of hydrogen producers by 25%. The cost of Green hydrogen is mainly effected by electricity use, but to reduce electricity costs is a complex task. Local renewable production, electricity markets, hydrogen storage levels, and the end-user demand will all fluctuate in a weekly basis. To tackle this, we are developing optimization algorithms that can increase overall system efficiency and cut production costs up to 25%.
Our value proposition is to ensure a cost-competitive and reliable green hydrogen production by providing the tools to automate daily operations with a transparent and flexible digital solution.
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